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Stephanie Kroll

Spring selling season is upon us.
(Picking up in Aspen starting in June for summer.)

How you live in a home and how you present it on the market are two different experiences, so here are my home prep tips for sellers:

☑️ Minimize and declutter by packing away personal items “smaller than a football”. You are going to move anyways, so start the work now by storing away anything trinkety, which can be visually distracting in listing photos and at showings. The only exception are accessories that are intentionally placed to create a design “moment”.

☑️ Swap items you already own in your home to different locations in order to maximize its appeal. For example, that rug rolled up in your basement might actually have better scale under the dining room table than what’s there, or we may pull art from a bedroom and move it above the fireplace as a statement piece.

☑️ Stage as needed (full, partial, or none depending on your needs). Data shows that staged homes sell quicker and for more money. Buyers usually don’t have the imagination to understand how to live in an empty room, and it doesn’t feel inviting. Home is a vision and a feeling.

☑️ Don’t underestimate the power of white paint. If your home has different colors in every room or the paint makes the home look dated, starting with a blank slate can be attractive to potential buyers.

☑️ Pull out major visual distractions before photos. Throw pillows too wild? Swap for neutral ones. If a red candle in the corner is pulling my vision away from the kitchen range, delete it. Too many plants? Pick your 3 favorite large ones. Too many small picture frames? If it’s not a gallery wall, center the largest one and delete the rest.

☑️ Add visual interest with texture variety. A healthy balance of metals, woods, glass, fabrics, stone, etc. are key to any space.

☑️ Prep projects typically with the best ROI: refinishing hardwood floors, revitalizing landscaping, replacing garage and entry doors, paint, window cleaning, replacing carpet, kitchen + bath upgrades.

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