Best Restaurants to Dine At in Aspen, Colorado During The Holidays 2023

Stephanie Kroll

As the snow blankets the charming town of Aspen, Colorado, and the holiday spirit fills the crisp mountain air, there's no better way to indulge in the season's magic than through the culinary delights offered by Aspen's top-tier restaurants. In true Aspen fashion, each establishment goes beyond the ordinary, curating special holiday menus that showcase the finest Colorado-grown ingredients, paying homage to Christmas traditions with a touch of culinary artistry.

  1. ELEMENT 47 AT THE LITTLE NELL: A Symphony of Flavors Inside The Little Nell Nestled within the legendary Little Nell luxury hotel, Element 47 is a perennial favorite that takes dining to new heights during the Christmas season. The prix fixe 4-course meal is a gastronomic journey featuring indulgent meats such as goose, wagyu beef, lobster, and venison. Handmade Italian pasta dishes and delectable desserts complete the feast. For the full experience, adults can opt for curated wine pairings at an additional $200, while children are treated to gourmet hot cocoa with all the festive fixings. Element 47 transforms dining into an exquisite celebration, where every bite is a symphony of flavors.

  2. PROSPECT AT THE HOTEL JEROME: Luxurious Celebrations at Its Finest Prospect, the epitome of luxury dining, is the place to revel in the holidays with its exceptional Christmas Eve offerings. Indulge in a five-course meal featuring amuse-bouches and canapés crafted from locally sourced ingredients. The holiday spirit is elevated with optional wine pairings, ranging from the standard selection to the holiday wine pairing or the festive champagne pairing, all available for an additional fee. With stunning views of snow-capped peaks from most tables, Prospect provides an elegant setting to savor a white Christmas. The dining experience is a symphony of flavors and a visual feast for the senses.

  3. AJAX TAVERN AT THE BASE OF ASPEN MOUNTAIN: Family-Friendly Feasting with a Touch of Elegance For those seeking a more approachable yet equally delectable dining experience, Ajax Tavern is the answer. Combining a family-friendly atmosphere with mouthwatering dishes, Ajax Tavern offers a specialty 3-course Christmas menu throughout the holiday season, including Christmas Eve. While the exact menu evolves yearly, past offerings have featured delicacies such as oysters, Wagyu beef wrapped in puff pastry, and succulent duck. Enhance your dining experience with optional wine pairings for the adults and children's drink pairings, available at an extra cost. Ajax Tavern strikes the perfect balance between accessible and upscale dining, providing a festive feast for all.

  4. Mawa's Kitchen Christmas Eve Dinner Pick Up: Embark on a culinary journey from the comfort of your home with Mawa's Kitchen Christmas Eve Dinner Pick Up. Get your taste buds tingling with a meticulously crafted four-course feast that reimagines classic dishes with a festive flair. This Christmas Eve, let Mawa's Kitchen take care of the cooking, allowing you to revel in the culinary magic and cherish the warmth of your loved ones.

    • Menu Highlights:

      • Appetizers that tease your palate
      • Mouthwatering main courses
      • Decadent desserts that sweeten the celebration
      • Festive twists on beloved classics
    • Pick-Up Details:

      • Orders available for pick-up between 1pm and 3pm
      • A hassle-free way to enjoy gourmet delights in the comfort of your home

    5.  Dine-in Christmas Eve & Day Dinner at Mawa's Kitchen: For those seeking the ambiance of a gourmet dining experience, Mawa's Kitchen opens its doors on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Immerse yourself in a scrumptious four-course dinner that adds a festive touch to your favorite dishes, curated by Mawa's culinary artisans.

    • Experience:

      • An indulgent dining experience in the heart of Aspen
      • Festive twists on classic dishes
      • Impeccable service in a warm and inviting atmosphere
    • Pricing:

      • $148 per person
      • Additional charges: Tax, and a 20% service fee for an all-encompassing experience

In Aspen, dining during the holidays is not merely a culinary experience; it's a celebration of flavors, a toast to tradition, and a feast for the senses. Whether you find yourself captivated by the opulence of Element 47, immersed in the luxury of Prospect, or savoring family moments at Ajax Tavern, Aspen's dining scene during Christmas offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of festive indulgence. As you navigate the snow-kissed streets, let each bite and sip be a testament to the enchanting magic of Aspen during the most wonderful time of the year.

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