Exciting New Ski Terrain on Ajax Mountain for the 2023/2024 Season - "Hero's" Honors Aspen's Finest Legends

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Aspen Skiing Co. has unveiled thrilling news for the upcoming ski season, as they officially rename the terrain expansion on Aspen Mountain, formerly known as "Pandora's," to "Hero's." This new name pays tribute to the unsung heroes who played a pivotal role in exploring and opening this exciting addition to Aspen Mountain.
In a special live announcement made during an event hosted with the Aspen Chamber Resort Association at Buttermilk Mountain Lodge, Geoff Buchheister, the CEO of SkiCo, shed light on the inspiration behind the name change. The decision to honor these remarkable individuals was profoundly influenced by the late Jim Crown, the former managing partner of SkiCo, whose legacy continues to resonate.
"Hero" is an ancient term signifying a mortal who accomplishes something so extraordinary that they leave behind an indelible, immortal memory. Jim Crown epitomized this heroic spirit, having been an Aspen hero for 37 years, not only to the Aspen Skiing Co. but also to his family. His dedication to doing things not just efficiently but also impeccably inspired many.
But the "Hero's" name doesn't stop at celebrating Jim Crown alone. It extends its homage to numerous resort heroes who had deep connections to this terrain. Among them are Elli Iselin, the first female ski instructor, 10th Mountain soldier Percy Rideout, and indispensable ski patrol members like Eric Kinsman and Cory Brettmann. Tim Howe, the visionary behind "Pandora's Box," will also have a glade named in his honor. Additionally, the Crown family has chosen trail names that reflect Jim Crown's life, passions, and amusements.
It's worth noting that the "Hero's" nomenclature maintains the historical trail names from Pandora's, such as Powerline and Harris's Wall. For many years, Pandora's terrain was a beloved spot for skiers and snowboarders, even though it lay just beyond the official Aspen Mountain boundaries.
This expansion of the Hero's area will increase Aspen Mountain's skiable terrain by over 20%, marking SkiCo's first significant enhancement to the mountain since the introduction of the Silver Queen Gondola in 1986. The high-speed quad chairlift in the Hero's area promises a thrilling ascent of 1,224 feet, whisking riders to the summit in a mere four minutes, as outlined in Buchheister's presentation.
Aspen Snowmass is enthusiastic about this remarkable transformation, and the new name "Hero's" perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the project, particularly the vision and leadership of Jim Crown. It's a tribute to the heroes, past and present, who have made Aspen Mountain an extraordinary place to experience the joys of skiing and snowboarding.

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