Luxury Retail in Aspen Opens and Rotates for Peak Ski Season

Stephanie Kroll

Aspen, renowned for its stunning landscapes and upscale shopping experiences, is witnessing a flurry of exciting developments in the world of luxury retail. From pop-up stores to relocations, the city's shopping scene is evolving, offering residents and visitors a heightened sense of elegance and style.

Revolve x FWRD Pop Up Store on Hyman Ave: Leading the charge is the collaboration between Revolve and FWRD, resulting in a captivating pop-up store on Hyman Ave. The dynamic partnership promises a curated selection of high-end fashion, bringing together the best of both brands in a temporary yet chic space.

Brunello Cucinelli's New Storefront on Cooper Avenue: Renowned Italian luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli has established a new storefront on Cooper Avenue, adding a touch of timeless sophistication to Aspen's shopping district. Expect to find exquisite craftsmanship and elegant designs that define the essence of Brunello Cucinelli.

Max Mara's Pop Up at the Hotel Jerome in December: Max Mara, synonymous with classic elegance, hosted a pop-up at the iconic Hotel Jerome in December, offering a unique shopping experience against the backdrop of Aspen's winter charm. The limited-time engagement allowed fashion enthusiasts to explore the latest collections in a distinctive setting.

Gucci's Relocation and Expansion: Thursday marked a significant move for Gucci as the luxury brand relocated its boutique within the Historic District on South Galena St. The expansive 5,600-square-foot store is a testament to Gucci's commitment to providing an unparalleled shopping experience. Featuring a private VIP shopping area, the boutique showcases a diverse range of men's and women's small leather goods, handbags, accessories, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, luggage, and more from Gucci Valigeria.

Federico Turconi, president and CEO of Gucci Americas, expressed the brand's excitement about the relocation, stating, "Gucci is thrilled to open its newly-relocated boutique within the heart of the Aspen community." The boutique seamlessly merges Italian design elements with the natural beauty of Aspen, offering an intimate and elevated shopping experience.

The exterior of the store boasts a stone façade with a mono-hued motif framing the iconic Gucci logo. Each window showcases green, handmade artisan Maiolica tiles, adding a touch of artistry to the storefront. Inside, the ambiance is sophisticated with marble and wood flooring, soft fabric walls, and clean lines that contribute to an understated yet polished charm.

Gucci's commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the boutique's design, following LEED guidelines for energy efficiency. The space is thoughtfully curated, featuring built-in displays reminiscent of walk-in closets and newly-designed racks inspired by classic brass designs, elegantly accommodating diverse product categories.

To further enhance the shopping experience, the boutique connects with Aspen's local identity through the incorporation of velvet armchairs, sofas, vintage finds, and shaggy green rugs. Gucci's new location goes beyond being a retail space; it's a destination that invites customers to immerse themselves in luxury and sophistication.

As Aspen continues to evolve as a luxury shopping destination, these developments signal an exciting chapter in the city's retail landscape. From established brands to exclusive pop-up experiences, Aspen remains at the forefront of providing discerning shoppers with the best in luxury fashion and lifestyle.

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