Snowmass Village Town Council Takes Proactive Measures: Certifies Lower Mill Levy for Taxpayer Relief

Stephanie Kroll

In a commendable move towards providing relief to its taxpayers, the Snowmass Village Town Council has taken decisive action by certifying a lower mill levy. This reduction, amounting to 22%, is a strategic step to ease the burden on residents facing escalating property taxes.

The overall mill levy has seen a significant decrease, moving from 7.311 to 5.703. This decision was made during discussions on the 2024 budget in October, and it was officially certified in a recent meeting held on Monday night. The final assessed valuations from Pitkin County in early January played a crucial role in solidifying this crucial decision.

The town's property values witnessed a notable surge of approximately 68%, leading to an additional collection of $1.158 million. However, the Town Council's foresight in reducing the mill levy by two mills translates to substantial savings for taxpayers, amounting to about $1.4 million.

Marianne Rakowski, Snowmass Finance Director, highlighted the impact of the lower mill levy, emphasizing its direct benefit to the community. The decision is a testament to the Town Council's commitment to balancing the financial scales for its residents.

Town Manager Clint Kinney shed light on the allocation of property tax dollars, revealing that more than 80% is dedicated to funding road improvement projects. This transparency ensures that taxpayers can witness the tangible results of their contributions, with a focus on maintaining roads, snow plowing, sanding, and addressing infrastructure needs such as road repairs.

“The majority of our property tax is focused on the roads,” Kinney stated. “Anybody looking at our road system can see where that investment happens; it’s not falling into some black hole of government investment. It is there for the maintenance, the snow plowing, the sanding, and the $10 million of holes in the ground we had this year, so it’s a very black-and-white investment.”

It's essential for residents to recognize the tangible outcomes of their property tax contributions, and the Snowmass Village Town Council is ensuring that these funds are directed towards visible, essential projects that benefit the community at large.

It's crucial to note that the reduction in the mill rate is a temporary measure, providing the Town Council with the flexibility to reevaluate and adjust the rate in the future if deemed necessary. This strategic approach demonstrates the council's commitment to maintaining financial prudence while responding to the evolving needs of the community.

As Snowmass Village continues to navigate economic changes, this proactive step by the Town Council stands as a testament to their dedication to the well-being of their residents and the sustainable development of the community.

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