10 Reasons Why Denver Agents Should Always Refer Their Clients Out to Aspen and The Roaring Fork Valley

Stephanie Kroll

In the bustling real estate market of Colorado, where agents are continuously closing deals, the allure of handling transactions in the picturesque Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley can be tempting. However, despite the potential for higher commissions and attractive price points, there are compelling reasons why Denver and Colorado brokers should consider referring clients to the experts in Aspen instead of navigating the intricate local market themselves.

  1. Challenges of Traveling to Aspen: Driving to Aspen presents a unique set of challenges, particularly in inclement weather. The four-hour journey from Denver can become treacherous, with potential road closures along I-70. For Denver agents handling Aspen transactions, this means multiple trips for showings, inspections, walkthroughs, and closings, making the process logistically complex and time-consuming.

  2. Hyper-Local Aspen Market: Understanding the Aspen real estate market requires more than just a glance at property values. It demands an in-depth knowledge of the hyper-local nuances that only come with experience. Aspen's agents possess this expertise, allowing them to guide clients through the intricate science of home valuations and provide valuable insights into the market trends.

  3. Community Connections Matter: Aspen's close-knit community is a vital aspect of its real estate landscape. With only around 850 agents in the Roaring Fork Valley, compared to thousands in the Denver Metro Area, local agents have strong connections. Aspen agents can introduce clients to neighbors and friends post-closing, fostering a sense of community that outsiders may struggle to achieve.

  4. MLS Access and Local Regulations: Membership in the Aspen Board of Realtors comes at a cost, but it provides access to the Aspen MLS, which offers more accurate information than popular consumer platforms. Local agents adhere to strict rules about MLS access, ensuring a higher level of confidentiality and access to critical information such as commissions, private remarks, and property details.

  5. Unique Contract Processes: The way contracts are written and processes are run in Aspen differs from those in Denver. Though state-approved forms may be shared, local nuances dictate how they are applied. Aspen agents bring this invaluable knowledge to the table, ensuring transactions adhere to local practices and regulations.

  6. Expertise in Luxury Real Estate: Aspen's real estate market is synonymous with luxury, attracting high-net-worth clients seeking unique features and bespoke service. Local agents understand the demands of ultra-luxury clientele, knowing where to find specific homes in exclusive enclaves and delivering an elevated level of service expected in this niche market.

  7. Navigating the Rental Market: Luxury rentals play a significant role in Aspen's real estate landscape. Denver agents unfamiliar with the local rental market may struggle with the varying short-term rental policies across different parts of town. Local Aspen agents, on the other hand, possess the knowledge needed to guide clients through this complex terrain.

  8. Building Code and Zoning Expertise: Aspen's building codes, zoning regulations, and demo permits are intricate and require local expertise. Denver agents may find themselves in unfamiliar territory when dealing with major renovations or land purchases. Local agents, however, are well-versed in the complexities of Aspen's building regulations.

  9. Access to Local Wisdom: Working with managing brokers who have lived in Aspen for decades provides an additional layer of insight. Unlike Denver managing brokers, they can offer advice tailored to Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, ensuring a more comprehensive understanding of the local real estate landscape.

  10. Limited Liability and Good Referral Money: While Denver agents might be making slightly less on a referral than they would be if they were to just do the deal themselves, ultimately in the long run, the agent in Aspen doing the deal takes on more of the liability in the transaction and the Denver agent still makes good money all things considered at closing. It's less of a headache to refer and you still get a nice paycheck for very little work at the end of the day. We work with referral agents ALL the time, being a part of a resort market, and so we know how to appropriately work with you and keep you in the loop throughout the transaction.

While the allure of Aspen's real estate market may be strong, the complexities and nuances demand the expertise of local agents. Referring clients to Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley ensures a smoother transaction, access to invaluable local knowledge, and the assurance that clients will receive the highest level of service in this unique and exclusive market.

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